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Engineering of creativity: introduction to TRIZ methodology of inventive problem solving

Invention and innovation lie at the heart of problem solving in virtually every discipline, but they are not easy to come by. Divine inspiration aside, historically we have depended primarily on observation, brainstorming, and trial-and-error methods to develop the innovations that provide solutions. But these methods are neither efficient nor dependable enough for the high-quality, high-tech engineering solutions we need today.TRIZ is a unique and powerful, algorithmic approach to problem solving that demonstrated remarkable effectiveness in its native Russia, and whose popularity has now spread to organizations such as Ford, NASA, Motorola, Unisys, and Rockwell International. Until now, however, no comprehensive, comprehensible treatment, suitable for self-study or as a textbook, has been available in English.Engineering of Creativity provides a valuable opportunity to learn and apply the concepts and techniques of TRIZ to complex engineering problems. The author-a world-renowned TRIZ expert-covers every aspect of TRIZ, from the basic concepts to the latest research and developments. He provides step-by-step guidelines, case studies from a variety of engineering disciplines, and first-hand experience in using the methodology.Application of TRIZ can bring high-quality-even breakthrough-conceptual solutions and help remove technical obstacles. Mastering the contents of Engineering of Creativity will bring your career and your company a remarkable advantage: the ability to formulate the best possible solutions for technical systems problems and predict future developments.

published on 19-02-2020 - 61 مشاهدة
Advanced Modelling in Finance using Excel and VBA.pdf

Advanced Modelling in Finance should be viewed as a complement (or dare we say, an antidote) to traditional textbooks in the area. It contains relatively few derivations, allowing us to cover a broader range of models and methods, with particular emphasis on more recent advances.

published on 12-02-2020 - 61 مشاهدة
C++ Programming How-To

This document provides a comprehensive list of C++ URL pointers, links to C++ online textbooks, and programming tips on C++. This document also provides a C++ library which imitates Java−language, and which has various methods to avoid memory problems in C++. Using this library you can compile Java's source code under C++. This document serves as a "Home of C++ language". The information given here will help you to program properly in C++ language and applies to all the operating systems that is − Linux, MS DOS, BeOS, Apple Macintosh OS, Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT/2000, OS/2, IBM OSes (MVS, AS/400 etc..), VAX VMS, Novell Netware, all flavors of Unix like Solaris, HPUX, AIX, SCO, Sinix, BSD, etc.. and to all other operating systems which support "C++" compiler (it means almost all the operating systems on this planet

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An Introduction to English Morphology: Words and Their Structure

This is a textbook for students of the English language or of English literature, not primarily for students of linguistics. Nevertheless, what I say will be consistent with mainstream linguistic views on wordstructure, so any readers who go on to more advanced linguistics will not encounter too many inconsistencies.

published on 21-01-2020 - 93 مشاهدة
Practical Research Methods: A User-Friendly Guide to Mastering Research Techniques and Projects

For anyone who has to conduct a research project and does not have time to wade through complicated research textbooks, this up-to-date handbook explains technical jargon in a concise way and includes practical examples to illustrate the issues raised.

published on 20-01-2020 - 127 مشاهدة
Common errors in statistics

textbook for students who have taken an undergraduate course or two in statistics, and know in theory about the various methods, but not necessarily how or when to use them. It revisits familiar terms and concepts in a mathematically rigorous but non-technically written foundation for statistical procedures

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parler l'anglais en cinq minutes par jour

apprendre anglais facilement en quelques anglais anglais anglais anglais anglais anglais anglais anglais

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مواصفات الورقة الامتحانية للصف الثالث الابتدائي 2019 / 2020

مواصفات الورقة الامتحانية للصف الثالث الابتدائي 2019 / 2020 مواصفات الورقة الامتحانية للصف الثالث الابتدائي 2019 / 2020

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How to Write Your Own Killer Sales Letter

Wrote by Golden Vision Training, basically, this textbook will teach you how to write a sales letter for your product or service.

published on 21-11-2019 - 314 مشاهدة
How to Study 7th Edition

There are, of course, some terrific reasons why you should learn how to study, why you really must learn how to study. But before I start convincing you that developing proper study skills is important -and why- let’s figure out exactly what we mean by “study skills” so we’re all on the same wavelength. Yes, How to Study includes hints, advice, and techniques for taking notes in class, while you’re reading your textbooks, in the library, and online; how to prepare for tests; and how to organize your study schedule to get the best results in the shortest amount of time. But that’s only half of the book How to Study . There are essential skills you may think have nothing to do with studying, and important steps you need to take right from the start.

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The Last Leaf

In a little area west of Washington Square in New York City there are many little streets called "places". Artists soon discovered these "places" and began living there. They liked the cheap rents and the old attics. This area became a colony of artists and it was called Greenwich Village. Sue and Johnsy had their studio at the top of a brick building. Johnsy was Joanna's nickname and she was from California. Sue was from Maine. They met at an eating place and became best friends. In May they opened an artists' studio together. In November a cold, invisible stranger came to the colony. Doctors called him Pneumonia. He touched a good number of artists with his cold finger, including Johnsy. Poor Johnsy, she was a thin, little woman and she lay quietly in her bed. She looked outside the window at the brick wall of the house in front of her. One morning a busy doctor examined Johnsy and measured her temperature. Then he went into the hall and talked to Sue. "She has about one chance in ten," he said as he looked at the thermometer. "She must WANT to live. Your friend doesn't want to get well. Does she think about anything special? Does she have a sweetheart?" "No, she doesn't have a sweetheart. But she wants to paint the Bay of Naples one day." "Well, I will do everything I can to help her. But when a patient begins to count the carriages in her funeral procession, then science and medicine can do very little." The doctor left and Sue went to her room and cried a lot. After a while she walked cheerfully into Johnsy's bedroom. She had her drawing paper and pencils in her hand. Johnsy lay in bed and did not move.

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One of the missing

Searing was a brave man. He worked alone and he did his work well. He had sharp eyes and ears. He could see far into the distance. And he often heard sounds that other people could not hear. Now he moved silently through the forest toward the enemy regiment. In his hands, he carried a powerful rifle. Searing could shoot extremely well. When Searing reached the edge of the forest, he stopped. He got down on his hands and knees and crawled forward slowly. He was looking for the enemy's picket line. Pickets guarded the men of their regiment. They dug holes-rifle-pitsin the ground around the edge of their camp. The pickets sat in the rifle-pits and aimed their guns at the enemy. Usually, there were three or four men together in each rifle-pit. The pickets took turns to sleep. While one man watched, the other men slept. Scaring was looking for small mounds of earth on the ground. The mounds would show Searing where the Confederates had dug their riflepits. The mounds would also show him where the enemy had positioned its picket line.

published on 18-11-2019 - 262 مشاهدة
DJI Mavic Mini Manual

Manuel du DJI Mavic Mini, le dernier drone de DJI et son poids de seulement 249 grammes, de qualité semi-professionnel.

published on 17-11-2019 - 263 مشاهدة
Introduction à la Physique Quantique

Ce document est une introduction à la Physique Quantique rédigé par l'Université Pierre et Marie Curie.

published on 17-11-2019 - 262 مشاهدة
Linear algebra: for everyone

This book provides students with the rudiments of Linear Algebra, a fundamental subject for students in all areas of science and technology. The book would also be good for statistics students studying linear algebra. It is the translation of a successful textbook currently being used in Italy. The author is a mathematician sensitive to the needs of a general audience. In addition to introducing fundamental ideas in Linear Algebra through a wide variety of interesting examples, the book also discusses topics not usually covered in an elementary text (e.g. the "cost" of operations, generalized inverses, approximate solutions). The challenge is to show why the "everyone" in the title can find Linear Algebra useful and easy to learn. The translation has been prepared by a native English speaking mathematician, Professor Anthony V. Geramita.

published on 10-11-2019 - 381 مشاهدة
Algebra. Fields and Galois Theory

From Math Reviews: "This is a charming textbook, introducing the reader to the classical parts of algebra. The exposition is admirably clear and lucidly written with only minimal prerequisites from linear algebra. The new concepts are, at least in the first part of the book, defined in the framework of the development of carefully selected problems. Thus, for instance, the transformation of the classical geometrical problems on constructions with ruler and compass in their algebraic setting in the first chapter introduces the reader spontaneously to such fundamental algebraic notions as field extension, the degree of an extension, etc... The book ends with an appendix containing exercises and notes on the previous parts of the book. However, brief historical comments and suggestions for further reading are also scattered through the text."

published on 09-11-2019 - 307 مشاهدة
Abstract Algebra: A Study Guide for Beginners

I first taught an abstract algebra course in 1968. using Hcrstein's Topics in Algebra. It's hard to improve on his book; the subject may have become broader, with applications to computing and other areas, but Topics contains the core of any course. Unfortunately, the subject hasn't become any easier, so students meeting abstract algebra still struggle to learn the new concepts, especially since they are probably still learning how to write their own proofs.This "study guide" is intended to help students who are beginning to learn about abstract algebra. Instead of just expanding the material that is already written down in our textbook, I decided to try to teach by example, by writing out solutions to problems. I've tried to choose problems that would be instructive, and in quite a few cases I've included comments to help the reader see what is really going on. Of course, this study guide isn't a substitute for a good teacher, or for the chance to work together with other students on some hard problems.Finally. I would like to gratefully acknowledge the support of Northern Illinois University while writing this study guide. As part of the recognition as a "Presidential Teaching Professor," I was given leave in Spring 2000 to work on projects related to teaching.

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بريد الليل

تتضمن رواية "بريد الليل" حكايات أصحاب الرسائل، الذين كتبوها وضاعت مثلهم. لكنها تستدعي رسائل أخرى، وتتقاطع معها مثل مصائر هؤلاء الغرباء، من المهاجرين، أو المهجّرين، أو المنفيّيين المشردين، يتامى بلدانهم التي كسرتها الأيام. ليس في هذه الرواية من يقين، إنها، كما زمننا، منطقة الشك الكبير، والالتباس، وإمحاء الحدود، وضياع الأمكنة والبيوت الأولى.

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Algorithms - Mathematics & Computer Science

Algorithms play an increasingly important role in nearly all fields of mathematics. This book allows readers to develop basic mathematical abilities, in particular those concerning the design and analysis of algorithms as well as their implementation. It presents not only fundamental algorithms like the sieve of Eratosthenes, the Euclidean algorithm, sorting algorithms, algorithms on graphs, and Gaussian elimination, but also discusses elementary data structures, basic graph theory, and numerical questions. In addition, it provides an introduction to programming and demonstrates in detail how to implement algorithms in C++. This textbook is suitable for students who are new to the subject and covers a basic mathematical lecture course, complementing traditional courses on analysis and linear algebra. Both authors have given this "Algorithmic Mathematics" course at the University of Bonn several times in recent years.

published on 24-10-2019 - 371 مشاهدة
Gerund or Infinitive

One of the difficulties of the English language is that some verbs are followed by the gerund (ex : doing) and others are followed by the infinitive (ex : to do). Other verbs, however, can be followed by both.

published on 23-10-2019 - 330 مشاهدة
Des cours et des exercices d'anglais pour préparer l'examen de la deuxième année bac au maroc. La pl

Des cours et des exercices d'anglais pour préparer l'examen de la deuxième année bac au maroc. La plupart des fichiers sont en format PDF.

published on 23-10-2019 - 282 مشاهدة
ملخص لمواضيع التعبير الكتابي المعتاد

مادة اللغة الإنجليزية للسنة الثالثة ثانوي جميع الشعب : ملخص لمواضيع التعبير الكتابي المعتاد ورودها في بكالوريا اللغة الإنجليزية جميع الشعب

published on 23-10-2019 - 283 مشاهدة
الأسئلة المعتادة في بكالوريا اللغة الإنجليزية مترجمة للعربية

مادة اللغة الإنجليزية للسنة الثالثة ثانوي جميع الشعب : ملخص رائع لجميع الأسئلة المعتادة في بكالوريا اللغة الإنجليزية مترجمة للعربية و مشروحة باللغة العربية

published on 23-10-2019 - 297 مشاهدة
مادة اللغة الإنجليزية للسنة الثالثة ثانوي

ملخص دروس اللغة الإنجليزية للسنة الثالثة ثانوي جميع الشعب : ملخص رائع لجميع دروس اللغة الإنجليزية للسنة الثالثة ثانوي

published on 23-10-2019 - 278 مشاهدة
Les paradoxes de l’argent

Les paradoxes de l’argentLes paradoxes de l’argentLes paradoxes de l’argentLes paradoxes de l’argentLes paradoxes de l’argentLes paradoxes de l’argentLes paradoxes de l’argent

published on 23-10-2019 - 253 مشاهدة
Travailleurs âgés et apprentissage dans l’entreprise

Travailleurs âgés et apprentissage dans l’entrepriseTravailleurs âgés et apprentissage dans l’entrepriseTravailleurs âgés et apprentissage dans l’entrepriseTravailleurs âgés et apprentissage dans l’entreprise

published on 23-10-2019 - 252 مشاهدة
Développement des compétences et reconstruction de l’activité collective

Développement des compétences et reconstruction de l’activité collectiveDéveloppement des compétences et reconstruction de l’activité collectiveDéveloppement des compétences et reconstruction de l’activité collectiveDéveloppement des compétences et reconstruction de l’activité collective

published on 23-10-2019 - 254 مشاهدة
L’autorégulation des apprentissages

L’autorégulation des apprentissagesL’autorégulation des apprentissagesL’autorégulation des apprentissagesL’autorégulation des apprentissagesL’autorégulation des apprentissagesL’autorégulation des apprentissages

published on 23-10-2019 - 258 مشاهدة